Render plugin settings UI?

Hi, I’m working on my first render plugin and have gotten to the point where I need a bit of UI to control the various settings of the renderer I am integrating. Things like combo boxes, sliders, and check boxes that I would expect to find in the “Rendering” panel when my plugin is set as the current renderer.

I’ve taken a look at the example Marmalade plugin and it looks like it is using MFC UI for the render settings in “MarmaladeRenderSettingsSection.h/.cpp”? Are their any other ways to add UI besides MFC? There is some code for “automatic” UI in the materials and texture parts of the Marmalade plugin, but I haven’t found any examples of using it for render settings.

There is also the enum RhRdkUiFrameworks in RhRdkDefinitions.h that implies WPF or Eto could also be used? Are there any examples of this?

I’m writing my plugin in C++ for Rhino 6.

Thanks, Darby

Hi @darbyjohnston,

Since you are using C++ on Windows, then MFC is certainly an option. Core Rhino uses some MFC for dialogs, panels, etc. But you can use any UI framework you’d like.

Eto, our cross-platform .NET UI framework might be option. You’d need to provide an interop layer so your C++ code could call into yoru .NET UI code.

– Dale

Hi Dale, thanks, I was able to cobble something together in MFC that will work for now. Is there a general recommendation for which UI to use when writing C++ plugins?

I also found this, but it looks like it’s still WIP:

Thanks, Darby