Render Model Library Organisation

Hi Folks,

I’ve recently upgraded to a new PC, Rhino 6 and looking to get Vray soon. I’ve been slowly organising my files much like my AutoCAD block library’s, which are highly structured and easy to switch between. However I’m struggling to get the same organisation with my Rhino components libary for my render objects.

This library will be full of marine parts, architectural fittings, products used in sizing various areas of boats, houses etc.

Has anyone got any tips on how to do this? One of the things I’m struggling with is what to do with textures that belong to certain files (like the screen image for a fishfinder, or a TV)

Below is an example of my current AutoCAD block library structure.



Did you consider to store the images in the file?
It will increase filesize, but no need to keep them separate.


Hey, thanks for that. I had not considered that for several reasons.

  • I thought it applied to the basic Rhino material textures only, not those from plugins.
  • And I thought it only saved their placement, scale, UV mapping etc rather than embedding the texture in the file.

If that’s how that button works, is there a way to access (from the Rhino doc, not the original jpg) the texture later on if something needed editing?