Render mode grainy and patchy

instead of

Restarting Rhino fixes it. It happens when I run a heavy grasshopper script.
Can this be fixed or can I not leave my script running while in render mode?

Hm - is GH using or updating this geometry?


not touching anything shown in my screen snippet.
the script makes shapes on the side. I’ve cropped them out
the shader failure doesn’t seem object specific

Hello - It is hard (for me at any rate)to say any more without something to test with - sounds like the display is being worked pretty hard. Does RefreshShade sort it out when this happens?


RefreshShade did not work and it is an object specific command
RefreshAllTextures however worked like magic
I’m automating a Bitmap.Save call in Grasshopper C# so for now let me try running this command at the end of each solution

Thanks Pascal!

My attempt was unsuccessful.
The viewport would flash briefly the correct rendering but go right back a super dark view like below, and unfortunately this was what’s saved out.
Turning the document sun off and on gave me that patchy view in original post.

please run the systeminfo command and paste the result here

Since the Quadro RTX is such a new card, you might want to update your driver to the latest, just to be sure it’s not the problem. I imagine Nvidia is making changes pretty fast that affect these cards.

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Apparently uncheck this helps