Render mesh modifier bug

I have applied two render mesh modifiers to open surface: thickness and edge softening. The edge of the surface is shown in the following screenshot. You can easily see the jagged triangles projecting from the edge despite reasonable Softening value (0.1). Very small Softening value (about 0.001) must be used to prevent these jagged triangles. There is no Softening at such small value.

What thickness did you give your surface?

You may want to increase the density for the custom mesh of this object.

Please attach it for further investigation


It does not help. Dense render mesh is devoid of these jagged triangles, but it has no edge softening, unless I force it. When I force it, other jagged artifacts appear.

edge softening bug.3dm (224.2 KB)

Your shape is simply too complex for a thickening with that large a value, really for any thickening. Any thickening will cause unclean meshes to be generated. Since all mesh modifiers use the render mesh, if it is already of poor quality you won’t get any better results with any of the following modifiers applied on top.

You’ll have to make a closed polysurface out of your complex shape before applying edge softening.

The mesh modifiers are quick helpers to visualize, but are no substitution for actual modelling actions.

Extruding your surface, then applying edge softening gives much better results:


Obviously you get better “edge softening” if you actually fillet your edges…



here a simple case of thickening the wrong kind of object. Distance is set to something that causes problems:


Adding more modifiers on top of that is only going to exacerbate the problems. The solution here is to actually create your own closed polysurface, thickening wasn’t created for this type of geometry.