Render mesh is still a disgrace


Will you quit the simplistic, ugly, nasty U-V based meshing already ?
What are you waiting to implement MeshMachine-like meshing ?

Does DivideAlongCreases>SplitAtTangents=Yes help?

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Hi Mitch,

Thanks, but I don’t care about workarounds, I’ve been waiting for proper meshing for 10 years.

It’s not a workaround, it’s a good thing to do if you have internal G1 (tangent) joints, especially if you have downstream MCAD applications. After all these years, I don’t see why this isn’t default Rhino behavior.

Guess you’ll have to wait a bit longer then…


Have you tried Mesh2 in Rhino WIP (ie - Rhino 7 WIP). Is it any better?

  • Andy