Render mesh bug: solids appear see-through

Hi, I’m having an issue where solid extrusions look see-through from certain perspectives in the rendered and arctic viewports (haven’t tried raytraced, but i suppose it’s similar). The first image shows how the model looks in one example, and the second image shows from where the previous image was taken.

PII_JF_07_manzana 6 3.3dm (5.7 MB)

You probably have your camera inside geometry. At least I see clipping going on.

You can check for yourself at least using the _Camera command with the Perspective view active, ensure the camera is toggled. You can see where the camera of the perspective view is located in other views. I don’t see clipping going on then.

If this doesn’t help you, could you please save some of the vantage points you see have the problem as named views or snapshots, then re-upload your file?

Hi, from what I’ve tried, the camera being inside geometry does not seem to be the problem. The bug is particularly noticeable when taking some interior perspectives from within those small corridors, so I suppose it has something to do with clipping, but I’m not sure how (though I do not know a lot about how clipping works).

PII_JF_07_manzana 6 3.3dm (6.3 MB)

Looks like this clipping is caused be the surface you have far away from the object you’re looking at. I’m guessing that the depth range it creates affects the near and far planes being used. That is something maybe for @DavidEranen to give an opinion about.

For now, if you hide the one surface (_SelSrf _Hide) you’ll get what you expect to see.

edit: Raytraced does not suffer from this problem.

That did the trick! Thanks a lot