Render mesh as wire-frame in Rhino

Trying to leave a mesh as wireframe rather than a material, where other objects are rendered with a material. Any suggestions?

Use -SetObjectDisplayMode to apply a wireframe mode to an object in a rendered viewport.

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Thanks very much. While I have got you, 2 more questions:

Whats the command again for increasing the density of the mesh (I remember its a dialogue box for changing the number of vortices (or whatever) but I can’t find it now)), not for rendering but for density in wireframe?
Is there a way to turn off the construction plane below since its visible if its wireframe?
Thanks again

It’s a bit confusing that you use the term mesh when - I believe - you are referring to surfaces and polysurfaces. For the latter you can increase the isocurve count for individual objects somewhere in the properties pane when the object is selected. (not at a 'puter at the moment).

The CPlane display properties are under Rhino options > view > display modes > Wireframe.

You want to see the mesh triangles, right? That’s for visualization only or while modelling?

If it’s for visualization only you can ExtractRenderMesh and it will give you a copy of the render mesh that will be visible in wire frame mode or you can turn on mesh edges on shaded modes.

Now if you want to model while seeing the mesh I have no clue.