Render materials

is still possible (in VA 2.0) to assign a material made by other render engine? I would like fe. assign vray material to the door frame.

Thank you!

Hi @petumatr,

Yes, VisualARQ 2 should be compatible with all Rhino 5 render engines.

VisualARQ 1 only supported render engines using the old Rhino Render API while VisualARQ 2 is compatible with new the Rhino 5 RDK API. Due this change, now it is not possible to create new materials from the style editor. Now we treat materials like any other attribute, like layers, so you can only choose from the existing ones. In the material drop-down, you can choose from all available materials in the current document, and it the current render engine is not using the new Rhino 5 RDK API (so it’s using the old Rhino Render API), a “Choose…” option will launch the material browser.

We have specifically tested VisualARQ 2 with VRay 3 and it worked fine, unless something gets broken in the last versions. Are you having problems to assign VRay materials to VisualARQ components?




Yep, i got it :slight_smile: works fine.


Enscape 3d - this render is available for Rhino now. Are Visual ARQ objects and materials compatible with Enscape 3d?

Thanks in advance!

Good question! I’ve been waiting for a solution like this for ages… Looks great! Twinmotion also looks good.

Yes they are. VisualARQ objects are actually Rhino blocks (“smart blocks”) and the behaviour of assigning and showing materials is the same as Rhino blocks. After doing a few tests, I can see there’s an issue in Enscape when showing materials of blocks whose constituent geometry have the material “by parent”. This affects to VisualARQ objects if you assign the material directly to the VisualARQ object. Assigning the materials by the style component (for example, a Door Frame) works fine.