Render Materials for Rhino 7 Unpacking To Temp Folder; is there a way to set another folder for it to unpack in?

Hi All,

So I’m having this issue with my Rhino models, where whenever I import a block with material in, it seems to unpack into another temp folder. However, I realised in the process of using the storage space setting in Windows to help clear space from temp files, I think, it erases some of these materials. The reason being that some of these files which I last opened months ago seem to have several materials missing at times. These materials are also not located within the embedded files folder. Does anyone have any advice on how to change the default folder where these materials are unzipped in, or a way to work around this issue?

At the moment I’m saving all my files with textures included, and copy and pasting my blocks in, if that helps.

Hi -

From Rhino 7.4, there is an advanced option to not unpack these in the %temp% folder but back into a folder that is created in the same location as the file that is being opened.

In Rhino Options, search for the AlwaysUnpackEmbeddedFilesToTemp option and change that to True.

Thanks! Switched the option already, but haven’t had the chance to test if it works. Will get back to you if it doesn’t though.