Render Mac problems

Why does the Rhino crash when I want to save a rendered window? Why are many commands so slow like copy/paste or commands after rendering(zoom or sane as)?

What version of Rhino for Mac are you running? Can you please navigate to Rhinoceros > About Rhino… > More info… > Copy to clipboard and paste the information back in here?

Hello Dan,

Here is the version. I received an update today.

Thank you

Version 6 WIP (6.13.19002.12026, 2019-01-02)


I d/l’d the new update. The renderer does not crash when I save the file now. However, the rendering seemed finished but the save button didn’t work so I clicked on stop rendering and it worked. On the matter of copy/paste the command is nothing like the version 5 when it was almost instantaneous no matter what the form was. Very annoying.


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I agree: it’s annoying. This is a known issue. It’s logged in RH-49385 and we’ll try to fix it.