Render looses edges with 2 channel texture maps

I’m having an issue with what seems to be dropped trextures.

i have 2 texture map channels on these surfaces, one for the material and one for the transparency.however, it seems that the transparency texture map is removing the other map and edge material

it shows up in just my rendered view

also, the transpency shadows are getting dropped when i render, but they are visible in my render viewport.

new to rendering so any help would be great

Hello - please post the file and textures, or a part of it, or send to, with a link back to this topic in your comments.


Hey Pascal!
i sent in an email but i may not have linked correctly. i just put a link this page in body of the email.
Thanks for your help

Hi @nbarnes - Thanks for the file and information. I’ve created a bug track item so the developer can take a look ( RH-59022).