Render glitch


This happens regularly when I render in Mac Rhino.

In the lower left corner it’ll say “Rendering… 100% About 5 seconds remaining”, and in the small window on top of this it says “Render In Progress” with a Cancel button.

The “Render In Progress” window never goes away when this happens when the render is in fact complete at 100%. I always have to hit cancel for the small window to go away. This does not affect the rendering.

I cannot reproduce this at will, however it happens regularly. Not a big deal, and I thought the developers would want to know this.

(Brian James) #2

I’ve seen this too a few builds ago but haven’t figured out what causes it yet. That’s the trick, if we know what reproduces it, I’ll get a bug filed for the developers. Otherwise they don’t have enough to go on to find where the issue lives.

My hunch is that this happens if you render a bunch of times quickly in a row. Thanks for the report… I’ll keep trying to narrow down when it happens.