Renaming 'Closed Brep' Spaces in Grasshopper to Match Revit Names

Hi everyone,
I pulled the spaces from Revit into Grasshopper using the Rhino Inside Revit plugin. I am creating environments in Rhino based on these spaces to simulate conditioned spaces. I simply pulled the spaces, centered them, and clicked ‘Bake.’ However, I need to separate the thermal zones, and when using the ‘Item Selector’ from the ‘Human’ package, I noticed that all the spaces are named ‘Closed Brep.’ This is a problem because there are many spaces. I extracted the names of the spaces from Revit, and they are in the same list size as the spaces. How can I make the ‘Closed Brep’ names change to the same names as the spaces from Revit? It’s challenging to navigate with many spaces all called ‘Closed Brep.’ I am using two ‘Item Selectors,’ one for the name and another for the space itself. Could you help me? It has become very laborious and confusing in its current state.

Hello everyone
Is there no way to resolve this?

Hi Luiz,

Please see the recommendations for asking questions about Rhino.Inside.Revit.

I changed the category to Rhino.Inside.Revit, most GH users will not know what you are talking about.

You can use Member Index to get a corresponding item from a list.

This will be different if things are grafted, where Tree Branch would be more appropriate.

This is a grasshopper question, but including various plugins (Honeybee, Revit, Human) makes it difficult for a vanilla grasshopper user to answer. Isolating the question without plugins will get you quicker answers.