Rename blocks without re-defining them?

How could I rename blocks without re-defining the whole shebang (content, attributes, origin,…) with Human or Elefront’s Define Block component ?

It seems like quite some heavylifting for such a mundane task…

Yay ! Sasquash has got me covered !

Well… it turns out it doesn’t. (7.7 KB)


  private void RunScript(string from, string to, bool OK, ref object A)

    var idef = RhinoDocument.InstanceDefinitions.Find(from);
    if(idef == null)

    RhinoDocument.InstanceDefinitions.Modify(idef, to, idef.Description, true);

Holy smokes ! It works ! Thank you so much Keyu !

I was trying to hack my way out with Anemone, but without much success :

From your image, that’s probably not the correct way to use Anemone

As I said, it’s a hack : I just tried to make it output Old name / New name values one after the other for the Sasquatch component to process them.

There was a problem with the timing…

Hi @gankeyu ,

Could you add a boolean trigger that will output “True / False” , but only once all the blocks have been renamed ?

I need to refresh my definition when the blocks have changed names, but I can’t seem to find a mechanism that will trigger this refresh at the proper time…

Perhaps if you allow a list access, then the whole list is processed before sending something to the output, which then triggers a refresh.

EDIT : OK, I gave it a shot, and it worked
Three blocks.3dm (63.1 KB)
Block (5.1 KB)