Removing surfaces

Hello I am quite new to Grasshopper so I am still trying to figure it out.

I would like to ask how can I remove the single surfaces along the perimeter of the surface before lofting and continuing with the rest of the modeling.

Thank you for your time.


hi alexandros,
It is much easier for people to help you if you upload the GH file with internalized geometries. (otherwise they have to recreate the whole definition in order to help you.)
pls have a look at this post.

Hello Aris,

Of course, I will attach everything now.
Thank you for your (7.2 KB)
modelA.3dm (188.5 KB)

This could be one method. (16.2 KB)

That’s great Adam.
Thank you very much for your time and your input.

Adam could you please explain me the methodology and thinking you did to solve it since I am a beginner in Grasshopper and I would like to understand it a bit more.

The thinking was to find the faces which had an edge touching the outer perimeter. This could be done by checking the distance between the midpoint of a face edge and the outermost perimeter. If the distance for one of the edge midpoints is 0, then the face is touching.

  • So first was to join all the faces, get all the naked edges, join them, sort by length and get the longest curve (the outermost perimeter).
  • Next, taking the naked edges off all the faces and evaluating curve at gives 0.5 gives the mid point.
  • The Curve Closest Point component gives the distance of these points to the perimeter.
  • The smallest of all of these values are checked to see if any equal 0 using the Equals component, which gives a True or False output which can then be used to Cull the faces.

Hello again Adam,

Really appreciate your input. It is more clear how you worked it out now.

Thank you very much for your time.