Removing raytraced display info from layout

Hello, Im wondering if anyone can tell me how to remove the Raytraced display info from a viewport on a layout?

Good question - I do not think you can - @nathanletwory - is there any way to shut off the HUD on a raytraced vp?


@pascal , I don’t think that is currently possible. This is something the realtime display pipeline does.

I’ve logged request as: RH-64456 Make it possible to hide the HUD.



FWIW, I’m reading the request as “removing raytraced display info from layout” - that is, only hiding the HUD in details on a layout. That request is on the list as RH-50153.

Apart from that, Richard, printing a layout simply doesn’t work. Use a Rendered display instead or use Raytraced in a model space viewport and copy the result as a bitmap to the layout.

Thanks to all for your replies!


Although Raytraced in a (printed) layout could work if the print code took note of realtime display modes. For instance ProRender too.

Related: RH-58215 Print does not match raytraced viewport