Removing objects from groups


I have a problem by removing objects from groups in C++.

I followed a sample that I found on GitHub, this works fine, but if the user wants to undo the changes, the objects will not be restored in the original groups.

There is a solution for this or eventually a different way to do it?

Thank you!

Hi Marco,

Groups are not undo tracked. Thus, if you remove a group, it’s gone.

Why do you want to remove groups? Unused groups are not stored in 3dm files…

– Dale

Hello Dale,

It’s a customer request. I have made a plugin for scaling the curves with specific parameter. There is a case that the user can set a group as input for my algorithm. In this case, the customer wants that this set of curves will be un-grouped at the of the calculation.

Hi @Marco_Brandazzi,

Let me know if this sample helps.

– Dale