Removing lines in Jewellery studio Brazil file

I am trying to learn Brazil and the Jewellery studio file I found on the Brazil web site puts in a crosshair line on the ground plane. I cannot figure out how to remove it.

See image attached

thanks Randy

Hi Randy,

I bet that is an older Brazil file with a plane primitive in it. It may be locked, so run Unlock and then select where the lines cross and you should be able to delete it. Then use a regular Plane as the ground or turn on the Rhino ground plane in the ground plane Panel from the Panels drop down menu.

Thanks Brian,

that did the trick, using Render / Panels / ground plane (Rhino)

I am also wondering about Flamingo vs. Brazil, for future proofing. We now have one Flamingo license and I have been asked to learn to render. So which one for (mostly) silver jewellery and what is out there for learning (quickly)? I saw that there was a 3-day online course for Brazil back in September, is this available to buy?