Removing first and last point from a list

I’ve divided a surface into segments and I would like to extract certain points from that division. I can get the wanted lines of points using List Item component but I can’t figure out how to remove the first and last point from those lines.
How would I go by doing this?


like this:

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sorry did it backwards, it’s like this:

(edit) oh, and:

Thanks for the quick reply!
It works on a single surface, but I definitely should have mentioned that I’m trying to make it work on multiple surfaces at once so it’s quite not working with what I’m trying to do.


post a file that’s congruent with what you want :slight_smile:

should be the same though…

That is basically what I managed to do, but from there I would also want to remove the highest and lowest row on red points. So basically the outer ring of points.

So I am basically creating a glulam roof and brackets of it, based on the height of the thinner beams. I’m just trying to add bolts to the brackets that Ive already modelled.

![roof|690x455 ](upload://5liakV1SzgRG252 oCOHLTjM.png) bolts

So I’m trying to get rid of the red points.

cool - for a quickie:
provided all your surfaces are untrimmed and four-sided then turn them into a mesh with mesh surface component (use same U and V divisions as with your surfaces) then grab a ‘naked vertices’ component from kangaroo and you’ll get both naked and clothed points, then re-list them into rows to make your beams


use flip matrix for the points output and then use list item the same way to grab top/bottom

maybe that help you to find the points based on u v directions