RemoveMultiKnot does not remove fully multiple knots

RemoveMultiKnot should remove fully multiple knots from surfaces as well as curves.

Currently the only way I know to remove full multiknots from surfaces is tedious repetitive applications of the RemoveKnot command which has a high probability of inadvertently removing a multiknot, not completely removing a multiknot, or missing one or more multiknots.

A similar request was made in 2017 but implementing it appears to have stalled because it also included a request for an angle tolerance test. Please implement removal of fully multiple knots from surfaces without an angle tolerance test.

File with examples of each:
FullyMultipleKnots.3dm (2.8 MB)

The Help for RemoveMultiKnot incorrecty states that

The RemoveMultiKnot command removes multiple but not fully-multiple knots from curves and surfaces.

This is incorrect. Fully-multiple knots are removed from at least some curves but not from surfaces.

When RemoveMultiknot is used on a surface with fully-multiple knots the command line reports:

Select curves or surfaces for removing multiple knots
Select curves or surfaces for removing multiple knots. Press Enter when done
One object had no multiple knots.

This is incorrect and can easily mislead users. The object had and still has multiple knots. The command did not remove them.

Hi David - yeah, the command was specifically designed not to remove fully multiple knots. But, yeah, I’m sure an option could be added.


Why was it designed not to remove fully multiple knots in surfaces???

Will a request be added to the pile with some reasonable level of priority to add the option to the command?

@pascal I checked and RemoveMultiKnot in V8 WIP no longer removes full-multiple knots in curves, or at least not in the example I posted above.