RemoveMultiKnot automatically?



one of my customers complaines, that his surfaces have very often multiknots, so he has to remove them always with _RemoveMultiKnot afterwards.

Is there a way to remove multiknots automatically after surface creation/editing?



(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi MIchael - not without the command - I guess it would be just

_SelLast _RemoveMultiKnot



Perhaps some help with modeling technique would help him avoid many of them in the first place?


Hi @pascal and @AlW,

thank you.

Wasn’t there a command to activate a permanent geometry check while modelling? I don’t remember this command. Would it help?



(Pascal Golay) #5

Hi Michael - CheckNewObjects looks for bad objects as they are created, but multiknots are perfectly legal - Sweep2 makes them, as does BlendSrf (ok, that is really Sweep2) so they will not be caught by this.



Hi Pascal,

thank you for the details.

Take care and have a sunny day