removeDupLn error (8.4 KB)

Hi , i am trying to create a voronoid cylinder, i was just following a tutorial.
Link for the tutorial:

I got stuck at 07:18, after the Kangaroo dupLn component has an error.

It is either in your list there are null items or you have to explode curves to line segments

thanks for reaching out! sorry could you maybe edit the script and do a screenshot? because i am rather new to grasshopper, i am not so sure about the logic behind the components…

Can you make the screenshot what you input to duplicate lines component?

is this what u mean?

Kangaroo “dupLn” drew error of data conversion failing because you supplied polylines instead of “Lines” to L input.
Try to use “Explode” component before “dupLn”.

Would need help over here. It seems like in the tutorial , with the “PCen +Scale component” it could create an offset of the voronoid pattern. However, in my script, when i scale it, it doesn’t offset rather the lines that form the coronoid pattern get shorter or longer.

The tutorial might be using a older version of grasshopper. As on my grasshopper, the “PCen” has more elements like the “Cv , Ce, Ca " instead of just " Cv, Ce”. And also i have bubble saying " area centroids of non-closed polygons…" i am surprised the tutorial didn’t have this.
Screenshot from the tutorial: (14.0 KB)

Well then… your “Clean Tree” and “dupLn” components are redundant… (14.1 KB)

And one thing to point out is that you have to resolve the discrepancies in the offset poly-lines that occur at the seam of the cylinder.

Oh yea, i will resolve that from the tutorial later. as im following the tutorial. from the gh file you attached, i just added the next few components to try to loft the poly lines, however, the points create a strange kind of triangulation and i can’t get a smooth surface loft across the poly lines. (14.8 KB)

See the latest tutorial as much as possible, rather than the old and not detailed tutorial.