RemoveAllNakedMicroEdges missed one (plus other issues)

Shouldn’t this count as a micro edge?


microedge.3dm (75.4 KB)

The surfaces were generated by OffsetSrf with Solid=Yes and even with some adjustments that I thought would be enough, they still fail:



solidify.3dm (198.0 KB)

Now, the quick fix for me was to move the flat surface back 0.1mm, which didn’t produce any gaps, but still the result is not pretty:

This was meant to be a super quick thing for 3D print, but this wasted some time for me…

Hi @eobet, i am not sure, there are 3 surfaces involved around that edge. But _Explode and _Join fixes it without _RemoveAllNakedMicroEdges.


Offset surface with solid output in Rhino usually leaves plenty of split edges. If you explode the model and use the “! _RebuildEdges” command, and then join the surfaces again, everything will be fine.

Huh, it actually did… that’s… almost worse, because man, how many unnecessary error-checking steps would you throw away time on just to discover that you actually almost didn’t need to do anything…