Remove unwanted radiuses


Does anyone know a solution to remove the blue surfaces in picture blow and extend surrounding red surfaces to match each other?

If this is a double post and already sorted out in any other thread, please guide me to the correct one

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Hi -

That’s going to involve a lot of untrimming and retrimming.

Hi Wim,

Yes we put allot of effort in cleaning up models.
If there would be a faster solution/plugin for this task I would be much happy.

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Best solution I know is to use SpaceClaim instead of Rhino for such task. Process is very quick.

You can use it through FreeCAD afaik, but the last time I checked it (more than a year ago), it was not stable)

Thanks for the answers,
would subD be up for this task?

not really. This is a classis extract/ untrim scenario. SubD won’t buy you anything here.

One suggestion - I ALWAYS keep what I call a “safety” of “pre-blend” copy of my models on a sublayer. Once I’m done with primary surfacing and I’m getting ready to do fillets like that, I pop a copy onto a layer and turn that layer off. That way if you end up in this situation again, you just delete the one you don’t like and copy the safety to your main layer.

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