Remove unused curve

I move the inner circle face to the top of the cylinder, but the curve of the circle still there. How to remove the unused circle curve?

remove unused curve.3dm (191.2 KB)

The “curve” is the edge between the small and large end surfaces.

Use MergeAllFaces on the shape to merge the small and large end surfaces…

This is not a good procedure in general for removing a hole like this. Rhino does not know how to completely remove the inner cylinder surface which has had its height reduced to 0 - so it leaves a bad surface in there - you can see if you explode the object, you have 5 surfaces in there. Although MergeAllFaces will take care of it correctly in this case, it may not in others.

In the future, to remove a hole, I would suggest you use _UntrimHoles and click on the edge of the hole you want to remove. That will remove it cleanly, even if the face it’s in is not planar.


I got it. Thank you.