Remove the specific elements from a mesh

Hi all,

I want to edit the Grasshopper to remove the specific elements from a mesh.
Is there any suggestion to edit the python or grasshopper ?



If you have rules related with what “series” of Faces to remove (or you know the indices) … it’s just a line of code (remFaces is the List/Array of Face indices):


BTW: rules may be explicit or implicit:

  1. If your Mesh is due to some SubDiv in U,V (meaning a Tree of Faces before appending the quad/tri “mini Faces” to the resulting Mesh) : skip Faces where their Center (i.e. the U/V pos) is … blah, blah,

  2. If you use some Curves: remove Faces where there’s Ccx Events … blah, blah.

↑ This.

You need to define which mesh faces to remove. This can for instance be done at random, with attractor points or curves, specific data, etc.

If your rules are set, you’ve selected the desired faces (by index), and you want to keep it vanilla (i.e. no traditional scripting), you can then use the DeleteF (DeleteFaces) component to handle the faces removal.