Remove the null items from a tree

I did a test of equality between 4 values ( each test contains a comparaison betwwen 2 numbers) than i did “And” because I need to know when the to equalities are verified .
So what I wanted to have is “true” when in the 2 conditions are “true”, and “false” when at least one is “false”.
What I had by this test is “true” when the 2 conditions are true and also “true” when it’s “null and null”… and it makes the result of “And” not the thing that want to have …
Null and clean tree didn’t any thing to my test.
any suggestion …

If you want to keep the tree’s with null but have them output as false use replace null component before the And component. Clean tree should also work, though would need the code to understand why its failing on yours.

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Can you Internalise the data, Just right click on the Geo component and click internalise then repost it. Sorry forgot to mention that before.

yes I know but i forgot sorry :slight_smile: (19.6 KB)

Hmm it still fails to see the geometry, just a list of nulls.

So I made an example file with a few options for you to test.

And (32.4 KB)

Hope its some help.

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thank you a lot, you save my life :slight_smile: