Remove self reflections

How to remove self-reflections on material without removing environment reflections? I’ve tried object properies (cast shadows, receive shadows), different material and environment settings but nothing seems to work.

If it is with Rhino Render I don’t know if that is possible.

With Raytraced you’d use a Cycles XML material with a custom shader graph:


compare to a regular Metal material:


Use the environment texture in the Environment channel of a Custom material and disable the ‘custom environment for reflections’ option in the Backdrop section of the Rendering panel.



If you want to use the Rhino Studio environment texture, you can find it by clicking “choose from more texture types” and then “Start from existing” when browsing for the image to add to the material env texture channel.

Thanks for your answers. It works! But is there a way to adjust environment texture color in Rhino?

Yes, click the texture in the material and then go to ‘output adjustment’>‘color adjustment’>"hue shift’ However on a grayscale image like the default studio, it wouldn’t have an impact. If you want to use that image but with a color tint, I’d do the edit externally and save a new version. You can see the location of the image texture in the texture settings. It wouldn’t have to remain an exr image if you just use it as an emap too so bmp or png would be fine.