Remove seam from an open surface and change the topology

First question
It’s impossible to get rid out of the seam of a closed self surface such as a sphere. But is it available to change its shape, for instance, from straight to somehow curved, like in the image below?
Possible to rebuild the surface with the Loft but it definitely damages the original surface form.

Second question
Is it possible to remove a seam from an open surface? As far as the seam doesn’t make any sense for constructing an open surface (solely inherited from donor surface) there is definitely should be that tool or a workaround. The question is definitely how to remove the seam from an existing open surface, without transformation of the donor surface since it is not suitable in cases when there is a lot of cutting elements. (121.5 KB)

Something like this? (128.9 KB)

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@HS_Kim Smart solution! How do you think is it possible to remove an unwanted seam on an already existing open surface, when there is no opportunity to fiddle with a donor surface?