Remove Render mesh in Rhino V5

Hi there.

I’m using Rhino 5.7.31113.14095

Command: RefreshShade
Command: ClearAllMeshes
Command: _SaveSmall
Command: _Export
Command: _SaveAs (Save Geometry Only)

But, I couldn’t remove Render Mesh like Rhino V4.

What is the reason?


This is working here in a slightly newer SR7 build. Can you share the file? Or send it to ?

Sure. 3dm and Video Link


Thanks for the explanation. I had to plug in my 3D connexion device to make sure… but this is due to a known bug that causes the render mesh to be created when it shouldn’t. I thought this has come up before but apparently it’s still an issue and the 3D connexion devs will need to look into it. I’ve filed the issue again as RH-22985 but the report is not public at this time. Thanks for bringing it up. If you unplug the 3D mouse it works as you expect.

How come the device has an influence on a software behavior? I am using Space Navigator and I’ve also noticed that Save Small doesn’t give required results but I’ve never imagined to conect those two things.

3D connexion device? 3D mouse?
I have never used it.

I’m using “logitech wireless desktop mk250”.

Hi Piotr,

Does save small work for you without the 3D mouse? Why they are connected I can’t say without making stuff up.

Hi Knead,

Strange… I thought this might be your issue as well once I reproduced it here with the 3D connexion device. Can you test whether or not your Logitech products have an effect by trying another mouse and keyboard please. I have not heard of these devices causing an issue before and it would be good to know what you find.

  • Shade-highlight selected surfaces and polysurfaces.
  • Shade-highlight selected meshes.

I checked it.
It’s my fault.

Thanks for letting me know. At least your report led me to find that 3D connexion issue… which I gave a nudge. Thanks!