Remove/rebuild/simplify intersecting parts of curve only

I want to remove and simplify only the intersecting loop of the curves shown below… So that I can create waffle surfaces to be CNC cut, therefore tolerance allows the intersection part to be not considered…

I don’t want to change any other corners of each of the lines , I just want to neatly trim and fillet where the intersection points are (selected in green).

I have found the intersection points and have tried to trim using this but I think it needs a more specific reference to the location on each.

Thanks so much!!

240421 - Intersecting curves (37.0 KB)
240421 - Intersecting curves.3dm (404.8 KB)


Without these plugins, I simplified the code with GH components and skipped the waffling at the end.

Intersecting curves_2024Apr21a2

I’m not sure if doing that contributed to the poor geometry or if the whole process is flawed? I didn’t spend much time trying to figure out how to clean it up.

One thing I noticed is that you used bounding box several times to get dimensions from the length of selected edges and would suggest instead that you use BoxProp (Box Properties) and deconstruct the ‘D’ (Diagonal) vector output for X, Y and Z dimensions.

In another case that I grouped in red, you are using Deconstruct Box to construct a start point for the contours, assigning domains to X, Y and Z point coordinates, which really makes no sense.

Intersecting curves_2024Apr21a4

The white group is where I create surfaces from the messy contours (self-intersecting in some cases). Again, the geometry produces unwanted results - a missing surface? - but it’s better to avoid poor geometry than spend time dealing with it.

Intersecting (27.3 KB)

Hi Joseph,

Thank you for your response and the suggestions, they are very useful.

I think I know why the output contour geometry is not giving favourable results.

To give some context I am building this to (separately) input hundreds of meshes varied in detailed form - these are equally scaled sections from a larger parent model which all needs to have individual waffles.

So in saying that, I think the messy and missing contours are from the initial raw mesh input being too ‘complicated’ and the contours trying to replicate its form too accurately. In the example above the mesh tightly curves in on itself at the inner edge. Inner and outer edges being where this causes the most issue for the contours I think.

So I want to prepare a standard simplification/smoothing of the inputted mesh edges which reduces how quickly and steep the edges curve up? Are you able to kindly recommend how I could do this?

Thank you again!