Remove Portions from Mesh Surface

Hi Everyone - I’m quite new to Grasshopper so I’m hoping this will be an easy fix.

I have a triangulated mesh surface that I am trying to use Kangaroo circle packing into the closed area. I am trying to add greater detail to the closed area by removing certain portions of the closed area. Can anyone provide some direction on how to do this?

231012_Circle (685.0 KB)
231012_Circle Packing.3dm (58.0 KB)

Hi @Riley_Hammond ,

Are you after something like this?

Graph Space:

Model Space:

You can replace the “Cutter Curves” with your pattern showing x’s in your snip above.

Wasn’t sure if you wanted to keep the circles outside the main hexagon? If you do, just remove the bit of logic at the end to look like this:

FYI you didn’t provide those curves in your file that I could see anywhere.

Also, FYI you can right click and choose “internalize data” on your curve inputs next time so you don’t have to attached the .3dm file as well.

Hope this helps, cheers!

20231013_Circle (685.5 KB)