Remove polysurface

Hey, I am trying to make a wall with to curves througout my buildings. I used egdesrf to make a surface between them and afterwards extruded them to get a width. after connecting some curves together at the top of the building (image) my render wasnt v good because some of the polysurface/curve(+) was connected to it further down the curve and now i dont know how to remove it. i tried, to ungroup, break, trim etc. please help :slight_smile:

Here is the rhino file, its the curve/surface pointed out with blue
TURKIS FKN MUR.3dm (15.9 MB)

try this-
extract the curves that make up your surface, then instead of lofting, you’ll use sweep2. Then use the add slash option to straighten out any misbehaving isoparms.

for details hit sweep2, then hit f1 to get the help on that tool-

Please add a sweep2 option to loft that automatically adds a cross section to the two (or more) closest endpoints, or the two (Or more) closest to pickpoints depending on pre or post selection.

Sweep2 often does as you say a better job than good old loft :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d like to see an add slash option to loft instead… that give a lot more freedom to make the surface bend to your will-

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The downside will likely be a lot of extra knots…


true…but if you’d need slash, you are likely in the multi knot neighborhood already…

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Slash + gui = true :grinning:
That way you reach all users.

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