Remove points out a brep or keeping only on brep

I’m looking to remove points to keep only those on the brep. Do you have any ideas?
I tried with “Shape in brep”; “Closest point”, but nothing good … many thx if you can help me

I 'm trying with project point again but it creates somes bugs…

Keep or remobe points on Brep surface.3dm (65.3 KB) Keep or remobe points on Brep (25.9 KB)

Read this first especially No.3.

I understand and I do it systematically. for this time, I wasn’t necessarily expecting a model… no problem, I updated my post with the files;)

I don’t have your plugin installed, so I can’t test the full def. of yours. Anyway check this out. You can use Surface Closest Point’s distance output within some tolerance.

Keep or remobe points on Brep (33.9 KB)

Thank you very much for your feedback.! :slight_smile: Do you know how not to deform the grid?