Remove overlapping curves

Hi, I’m using Opennest to lay out pieces that will be laser cut.
In an attempt to save on cutting time I’ve set the spacing to zero in Opennest.
But this will create overlaps where the lasercutter could be cutting just once if I can remove the overlaps.

Searched the forum and found this solution: Merge overlapped (colinear) curves to single one?

This works great for polyline curves, but I have them mixed with some closed planar curves.

Is it possible to split a list between the polylines and the closed planar curves?
Or is there another way. (21.4 KB)


might this do the thing? (25.9 KB)

I have no experience in laser cutting, but i suppose it is significant in which order lines are cut. So i did some layman sorting in addition.
As first the longest perimeter line is picked. Then from end point of that line the next closest one is picked, then next closest, then next…and so on until the list is exhausted. For that very purpose Sequential Closest Point from Neoarchaic is used. (27.8 KB)

And i see now that seam of perimeter curve should be moved towards the XY origin or whatever CS laser cutter uses…Or maybe all of this is just rubbish… :grin:

It most certainly does the trick!
Thank you!

I’ve only tried the first solution, because I want to use it in Shapediver and I guess “Sequentially Sort Points” aren’t supported there. I just need to remove the custom previews which aren’t supported in Shapediver to make it work. The total length of the curves will be reduced (but the number of curves doubles…). (15.2 KB)

It was an interesting idea about the sorting though, don’t have access to any laser right now, but I will keep this in mind.