Remove middle points on edges?

Hi. I have a situation where I need to remove all the internal points from the edges of surfaces and create a clean solid, but unfortunately I can’t find the appropriate way to do this.

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Your Brep geometries have too many tiny little fragments. Each one has 16 trimmed surfaces. You’d better not to make them from the first place.

Clean (156.9 KB)

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Thank you. It is working.

I need to work with imported meshes which I convert to NURBS using the MeshToNurbs command and after that I am using the MergeAllFaces. This is the best result I can get.

One more question. It is possible to extend this definition to remove this internal edges from other kind of geometries like the ones from the attached file? Thank you.

Remove_internal_edges_and_points.3dm (619.8 KB)

This time, two of your Breps has faces inside of them which makes the situation even worse. I can’t assure you this is the general solution for other cases.

Clean (52.6 KB)

Hi Macuso - note that most of what you identify as internal edges in the picture that you posted are just isocurves. This picture shows the edges of the surfaces of that object:

When MergeAllFace does not remove these edges it means that the surfaces are not coplanar at the tolerance that you request. Getting rid of these edges will mean that the object’s shape will have to change - not necessarily much but still more than your tolerance.

Thank you. Works good for simpler shapes.

Yes, I want to get rid of this edges, as they are generated by an external software who seems to only approximate the faces of the objects, not generating precise objects.