Remove group information from object attributes


I get rhino objects using GUID within RhinoCommon, then I two operations:
a) extract all geometry objects by casting to GeometryBase
b) I store all ObjectAttributes of those geometry objects

        public List<GeometryBase> geometry;
        public List<ObjectAttributes> attributes;

Some of the geometries were grouped previously. Is there a possibility to delete all group information from the object attributes? I want to delete the group information because I want to add new objects to rhino with all the color, layer and other information except of grouping.

Sure - use ObjectAttributes.RemoveFromAllGroup.

– Dale

Thank you.
Is it possible to do similar when object is hidden?
When I hide the object, the newly baked only becomes hidden as well.

Is it this one RemoveDisplayModeOverride?

Sorry, I don’t understand what this means. Can you explain further what the problem is?

– Dale