Remove fillets doesnt work in V7, V8 but ok in V6

Make a closed box.
Fillet the edges
Call edit fillet edge (from the “edit fillet edge” icon on the solid tools tab)
Click on the box to select all fillets to edit

control click on any edge to remove the fillet or window select the box while holding cntrl to remove all fillets
The fillets are removed
Press enter to accept.

In V7 & 8 the commands preceded by a " > " above don’t work.

Hi Rabbit - V6 pops you right into the edge selection stage while 7 & 8 bypasses this and you need to click on SelectEdges in order to add or remove - is that what you mean? I see it and I do not know if it was by design or not…


yes - though I never got to the “select edges” bit at all, because I was expecting it to work like V6.

Maybe it was changed because you’d never know you had to cntrl + click in V6 just looking at it…? But the V6 behavior is much better when you know whats going on…