Remove duplicate tree branch

Hi everyone,

I’m working on a image sampler definition.
I use it to draw circle of different radius, it works well.

I test those circles if they touch the frame around it, i’ve got 1478 circles but after going in Dispatch i’ve got three set of 1478 circles.

My question is : How can I remove those duplicate branches ?

The definition with internalized data… (2.1 MB)

Why don’t you use Point In Curve instead? (2.1 MB)

Hello HS_Kim,

Thanks a lot for your quick answer, your solution is good but it don’t cull circles wich collide with the frame circle (which is not super bad there is no many so I can delete them by hand)

Just for my curiosity: do you know why “dispatch” component makes two duplicate of the geometries ?

Tanks again, your the best :wink:

Le mar. 14 janv. 2020 à 12:10, HS_Kim via McNeel Forum a écrit :

Check this as well. (2.1 MB)