Remove duplicate lines with preference

Hi forum,

Today i was running into a problem where i really could use somebodies help,
I have a large field of Voxels and i need to get rid of their duplicate edges. but every voxel (and so the edge) has a diameter appointed to it. So i can not randomly delete the edge lines, i have to keep the edges with the highest value.

Does somebody have an idea how to accomplish that? If possible even with a tolerance value for proximity.

i attached the .gh file and a screenshot.

Thanks for the help, and good night,

GH_help_duplicate (23.6 KB)

Like this? Create Set only operates on numbers and points so you have to find some way to associate those with your curves. That’s the purpose of Point on Curve.

GH_help_duplicate lines (15.2 KB)

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Thanks Ethan,

thats great,
i didn’t really use the set components before but it looks like this has some great potential.

Greetings from Austria,