Remove duplicate geometries

you can do this

Hi Laurent. I recreated it without the line coloring (attached). What you showed definitely works to put the lines into groups. Unfortunately, I’m still working on my understanding of Lists and Groups in Grasshopper. Can you show how you would pipe each of these groups and then SolidUnion them in their groups?
line group (28.2 KB)
I have tried a couple of things in the attached file, but having no luck. At the moment, I can specify a specific path and pull out one cluster of lines. But I know that’s more tedious than necessary.

Hi Seghier,
Thank you for the reply! That method works well. Similar to the question I just posed to Laurent: how do you then pipe and boolean the groups (without having to work with each individual branch of the exploded data tree)?
I recreated what you showed in the attached .gh file, and added a pipe and SolidUnion to one group. The boolean is failing, but I can work on that bit later.

line group (13.8 KB)
It could be good for you to follow a tutorial on Grasshopper with DataTree … But the main problem is that solid union fail.
I still don’t know what is your aim, if it is for 3d print, Dendro could be usefull

even if you bake the pipes the boolean fails
try to find another method
and i don’t understand why you want group lines if you want create pipes?

Thank you Laurent and Seghier.
I will continue doing tutorials on data trees :slight_smile: And I appreciate your help on this one!
This is a simplified version of more complex file, and I think I can get the booleans to work. Even if they have to be done manually in Rhino, having the objects grouped will help in that. Or for exporting to union in other software.
Again, thank you for the assistance.

  • Richard