Remove diagonal

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I have two questions:

How can i remove the diagonal? so each 4 points I have plane “rectangular” surface

how can I make that each window can detect a parent face?

Honeybee-radiance.3dm (185.7 KB) (166.1 KB)


Use Quadrangulate component after the Delaunay Mesh.

I don’t have Ladybug installed, so can’t help you with your second question :frowning:

i am happy just if you can help me with the first one. i will really appreciate


In Honeybee, applying Apertures requires the host face and the aperture geometry to be
A- Coplanar Faces
B- Non Intersecting

Otherwise Honeybee will simply Ignore these apertures and move on (which is not good)

Some easy way to generate Apertures.

1- Use the Project component to project openings into meshes, this will insure coplanarity
2- Offset the face boundaries of building faces, this will insure that the apertures are created smaller than the host wall and built on the same plane.

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