Remove deblicate value

please help with removing duplicate values ​​in the data tree


I believe the CSet (“Create Set”) component is what you’re looking for.

tell me what the problem is. I am trying to remove duplicate lines that are the same size, but two lines are deleting unnecessary ones.

These are rectangles that. removed two lines from the list

Cull (“Cull Pattern”) is simply the wrong tool for the job. The M output of CSet gives you an index map of original indices to set indices, not a cull pattern!

You can however create another set from the M output data, and use its S output with an Item (“List Item”) to get lines corresponding to unique length values!

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This might be easier with the Kangaroo Remove Duplicate Lines component…

PS: in general, a file would be good.

… and maybe someone could fix the typo in the title. Thanks


These are 4 closed polygons

It’s not about superimposing one line on top of another. I am splitting polygons into compound lines. I want to achieve a result so that duplicate lines with equal dimensions are removed.
I don’t need 4 dimensions in one polygon. I only need dimensions that are unique for each polygon

Post a file so people can help you in an efficient way without having to rebuild your situation themselves.


test (9.4 KB)
test 1.3dm (29.1 KB)

This should do the trick:

test (8.3 KB)


Thank you so much (12.2 KB)

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