Remove combinations where x>y

Hello everyone,

I have a series of text where combinations are made using 2 sentences. The structure of these sentences is always the same, but the terms D = xxx and B = xx are variable in the value (blue and green line in photo).

Hereafter I need cross reference of these texts. One condition, however, is that D must not be greater than B (red crosses in photo). Is there a way to always delete these texts?


Combine (10.8 KB)

Hi Jakinta,

This is not every combination. ‘A 1000 B 120’ can be linked to every ‘C 2000 D xxx’ because D is smaller than 120. Any way to do this?


I just gave you an example how you can do it.
You didnt provide file, so i had to recreate it on my own.

Just put it in, from point in your definition where you created your CrossReferences and give it a try.

Got it. Thanks, Jakinta!

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