Remove chamfer?

I have built a piece of furniture, chamfered many edges and would like to try a version with filleted edges.

Is it possible to undo a chamfer using a blunt operation?

My method is to fillet 2 surfaces on either side of the chamfer, split the chamfered polysurface with the fillet, delete the chamfered part and then join the fillet to the poly surface.
I’m sure there are other roundabout ways, is there a straightforward one?

Also, as we develop the look of the model the fillet radius can only increase. Can’t we draw the surfaces together with a fillet / chamfer of smaller radius / distance than the existing , ex; applying a fillet radius of zero would be great.


Hello - see if the Edit function on ChamferEdge (SelectEdges option on the command line) will let you simply deselect all the edges from the selection. Or SetAll to 0. Either works here, if the chamfers were added using ChamferEdge


thanks Pascal,
this is working for some, others the handles are not appearing. a faceted objet for instance only the chamfer handles on one end show up for edit.

but it is certainly cleaner.