Remove Brep Edges


I need to remove the edges on brep’s surfaces. I want to see a seamless surface on each side. How can I do that?

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anticlastic partition[sample].gh (6.1 MB)

Set your display mode to rendered and use the custom preview.

Actually just found this…

I would do a Solid Union.

I need to use Arctic mode to show the exterior edges of Brep. When I try to highlight the exterior edges, the interior edges of brep are shown as well. I don’t need the interior ones.

I see… Give me 5 mins.

I am waiting… thank you

… Arctic will not show the curves so I changed them to Pipes so you can see them easier.
It also will not show the colors. So the screen shot is taken in shaded.

Let me try…

Actually, I want to see like that

I need only exterior edges

Extract the edges you want to show as curves.
In Arctic mode Make sure you turn off surface edges
And turn on curves

It also helps if you go to the curve settings and make sure the curves are three or four pixels wide

Mr. Adel, which component do I need to extract only exterior edges?

You do it manually in rhino after you bake the geometry

Oh, I understand. Thank you

It is a time-consuming way. Is there any other simple way?

Find a plugin that does what you want or make a custom c# script that extracts edges based on adjacent face angle

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Download + install pufferfish

Pass your chunk to a simple mesh

Pass that mesh to pufferfish’s split by angle

Extract the naked edges of each mesh

Cull duplicate curves

Thank you, Mr. Adel. I will try it. Best

Like this?

anticlastic partition[sample] RG Try (6.7 MB)

It seems good. Thank you. I am waiting for code