Remove bit of line between split objects


I am looking for a solution to remove the bit of line in between splitting objects.
Is it possible in python?



Are you just dealing with lines, or does it need to work for any kind of curve?

At any rate, it sounds like you need to find the intersection parameters (t_0, t_1) between your trimming curves and your base curve (Rhino.Geometry.Intersection namespace). Given the base curve domain extremes (d_0, d_1), you must then trim the base curve on intervals (d_0, t_0) and (t_1, d_1). There is a Trim method on the Curve class, but if you’re dealing with Rhino.Geometry.Line data then a somewhat different approach is called for.

Thanks David. I think at the first step I will just cover the lines with a solid white hatch and later do the calculation of the intersections.