Remove any branch that has an empty field in it

I’m trying to figure out how to remove any branches that have an empty field. Basically if all of the fields within a branch isn’t fully populated with data I want to throw that branch away. How do I do that? I’ve attached what I have so far. Thanks! (7.8 KB)


Even if I had that plugin, I’d still need your .csv file and to modify the Read File path where it’s found?

Easier for all if you can internalize the ‘Headers’ and ‘Values’ outputs of Read CSV?

You can use Mass Addition on the list of booleans (your last panel). Branches with sum equal zero have no nulls (I would test that differently) so use that to cull branches, ignoring rows (lists) with non-zero sum values.

Ah, yes, sorry about that. I internalized the data and re-uploaded the definition. (19.3 KB)

P.S. If each branch is a row and we are culling rows with one or more ‘<empty>’ cells (columns)? Then it doesn’t make sense to be culling column headers, just because the number of rows and columns in this table appears to be the same? So the Cull Pattern below the white group would be ignored.
Or maybe each branch is a column of values, in which case it’s correct as posted?

You can Also do this:

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