Remove an embedded Bitmap

is it possible to remove an embedded bitmap? Someone gave me a file done on Windows and I cannot hide the bitmap, or select it. I cannot even hide it 's layer.

TestPurgeBitmapTable is not doing anything.

I can open it on Windows, so I will try there. Just wondering for people that only have MacRhino.

Is it a BackgroundBitmap or a PictureFrame? I suspect it’s the former. If so, run the BackgroundBitmap command and then Choose “Remove”. Should work on Mac… --Mitch

I am not getting any options when I run Background Bitmap. It just opens Finder and asks me to choose a file.

Could this be done like a Macro and type in remove?

If so is it just !_BackgroundBitmap =Remove?

Nope? Off to Windows, I need more coffee also!

OK, that means it’s not seeing there is a background bitmap in the file somehow… Don’t know what’s going on there.

What happens if you run Audit? (does that work on Mac?)

It is funny, when I opened on Windows the age was all red, well brick red, and when I ran BacgroundBitmap - remove=Yes, it was deleted.

Here is what I see on my Mac with Audit. Yes it works, thanks never saw that one before.

OK, I thought that any bitmaps would also show up with Audit, but looks like they don’t on either platform…

Would be interesting to have the file with the “stuck” bitmap (delete all other objects) to test on Mac - if you still have it.l

Cheers, --Mitch

I will PM you with the file, all objects deleted and all layers intact? Is that OK?

Thanks for the file, I responded via PM, but for the public, I was able to remove the bitmap in MacRhino 5.1 here…


Yes, run BackgroundBitmap, but make sure the view with the image is the active one.


Try Audit3dmFile as well - that will tell you if there is anything in the bitmap table. TestPurgeBitmapTable will nuke all of the contents of the bitmap table, so be careful with that one.


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