Remove a component that does not show the name

Hi, Sometimes ago I installed a plugin. There is a bug in this plugin that my computer does not like it. I want to remove this plugin but I have forgotten which plugin was that (i.e. I do not know the name). Please see attached photo. Any idea that how can I find the plugin name. Then I can delete the plugin from plugin folder to not load at the next time.

The text above the white box tells you (first four words)…

Thanks - It says “The Sub D component”. I do not have a component called “Sub D”.

The closest SubD I found is Weavebird SubD panel
There are lot of components with Subdivision
Can you post the list of installed component ?

You seem to use Rhino 5 and you have certainly installed a Rhino 6 Grasshopper 1 component.

Ngon.gha and Ngon score. Dll

Thanks Petras_Vestartas- It was right. How did you know that? I deleted the Ngon.gha and dll and now the issue is solved.

Because you do not have rhino6 or did not update rhino6.
This usually happens with cracked rhino 6 versions…
I have bought rhino 6 version and constantly update my Rhino. Currently I am thinking about downgrading to first rhino6 releases, so that there would be less discussions like this.

NGons are a group of methods introduced for mapping triangle meshes to polygonal meshes in Rhino6. So that you could work with meshes that have 6 sides or whatever. This add on has adjacency methods to work with n-sided meshes and has additional helper methods.

Thanks- My company recently bought Rhino 6. However, I have not upgraded to rhino 6 and we are waiting to bugs/issues resolved before we migrate to rhino 6.

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